Rolling Courses are flexible for students............ they run every Tuesday and Friday from 10.00 to 2.00 pm. Options are: Choose either two sessions/ three sessions or four sessions. Each session costs £40.00 Plus materials. Tea, Coffee and Cake provided throughout the course.

Rolling Courses 2018 to 2019
Mosaics Courses available .
Mosaic Courses at Blue Sky Mosaics 2018 [...]
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Making Stepping Stones in the Studio.

A Word about my courses.

Stained Glass Mosaics :

Most of my work  involves using stained glass as the medium to create a Mosaic Project and in this course students learn how to design, cut and work with stained glass as the primary medium. At our studio we have a large selection of stained glass available and students can choose colours and transparent or opaque glass of their choice for their project.  Also available are glass beads and ceramic tile which work well alongside stained glass in most projects.


Mixed Media Mosaics :

This method is sometimes known as Piqueassiette and comes from the French word which translated is: 'stolen from a plate' and alludes to the French practice of creating art from broken crockery. Vintage and broken crockery is used along with stained glass, beads, ceramic, found objects and even buttons and old jewellery to make something personal, quirky, vintage or just plain pretty.


Garden Mosaics:

This can include wall art, house signs, gazing balls, cement toadstools and vases. These are created using materials suitable for outdoors and personalised for each individual student.


Stepping Stones:

Mosaic Stepping Stones can be made in two methods ie: the direct method which involves working directly on to an existing stepping stone or the indirect method which uses cement which is poured on top of your design and left to set. Both are very popular methods of creating unique garden art.


We have a large selection of everything needed to create stunning and unique mosaic art and students are encouraged to bring along pieces of their own if they wish ie: old tables, bowls, vases, pieces of jewellery and broken crockery. 

We also emphasise the importance of each student's personal taste and allow for lots of flexibility (within reason) in our classes. 


At Blue Sky Mosaics we offer more than just an exercise in creativity, we provide a relaxing and beautiful environment to work in and an opportunity to escape the daily rush. Each student is encouraged to work at their own pace with lots of individual tuition and to leave with a beautiful piece of unique Mosaic Art.







Reverse method Butterfly Stepping Stone..... work in progress.

Imagine........... a rainy day, then imagine a rainy day at Blue Sky Mosaics............. find your bliss, whatever the weather.

Angela created this beautiful wall art with glass and crockery............ it's going on her fence outdoors.

Barbara and Harry who came on a two day course pictured below with their Mosaic creations.

Harry in the studio working on his Mosaic.

Christine and Jackie with their completed Mosaics.

Christine created this Butterfly Mosaic in stained glass to hang outdoors. Her first attempt at Mosaics. 

Jackie made this 'Heilan Coo' wall art on a two day course, her first attempt at Mosaics.

Pictured below is Lorna who created this outdoor wall panel with stained glass, ceramic tiles, glass beads and  broken vintage heirloom crockery. Lorna made this piece on a two day course. 

Amazing Projects below made by students Barbara and Mandy ........

Mosaics Course in October with two couples and Fiona and Lorna. Everyone had a great time and created some very unique Mosaic pieces.

Ann and George worked on this mirror together.

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Donna with her Seahorse which is made with stained glass, beads, Italian millefiori, ball bearings and mirrored glass. Amazing what you can achieve.


Pictured below is Jo who made this butterfly on a course 

Jo made this butterfly on a course at Blue Sky Mosaics. Jo with her butterfly.
Donna & Fran with their completed projects...........
Seahorse made by Elizabeth on a one day fun course.

Picture is of Avril with the Cable Drum which she upcycled to create this beautiful 'Sun', 'Sea' and 'Surf' Mosaic.

Here are her comments on the course: "Relaxing, enjoyable time, I found it a learning curve and am going home with so many ideas'"

Avril came on a two day course and upcycled a cable drum.
Work in progress

Below is Ro from Queensland Australia who came on a two day course. She made this mosaic tray as a present for a friend and she personalised it accordingly. Ro created an amazing representation of her friend's house in Mosaic form. She was very pleased with the result. Here are Ro's comments on the course:

'Ann is very flexible and able to encourage you to find the artistic direction that suits you while giving technical guidance.'



This is Ro with her Mosaic Tray

Debby Taylor came on a 'Fun Day Course' - here are her comments on the course: 'I had a great day, have done other courses and this was the most relaxed and enjoyable for me. Pitched exactly at the right level.

Stepping Stone made byAlison on a one day course
Heather's comments on the course: 'A great weekend, can't wait to come back! Real therapy. Heather with her mosaics made on a two day course.

Heather with her mosaics made on a two day course. Here are her comments on the course:  'A great weekend, Ann & Will couldn't be more helpful. Can't wait to come back! Real therapy.



Happy Students at the end of a Mosaics Class - some projects to be completed on second day.
Happy Students at the beginning of a Mosaics Class.
Susan's second mosaic.
Susan with her Koi Carp Table

Susan came on a two day Mosaics Course and created this amazing table in Stained Glass. 

Tropical Flower stepping stone made at Blue Sky Mosaics

Stepping Stone made at Blue Sky Mosaics. Pukeko set in tables of concrete!

Pukeko Stepping Stone made at Blue Sky Mosaics. This stepping stone is made in the reverse method and is amazingly easy. Classes available at our studio. 

Mosaics Courses in Outdoor Stepping Stones happening this year with Blue Sky Mosaics. Make your own outdoor art to brighten your garden in wall art, planters and bunting. Unlimited design options and inspired ideas to create your own personal choice of garden art, customised to suit your own individual taste. 

Caroline's first Mosaic
Caroline's stepping stone...... work in progress

Caroline loves Marine life and chose to make a sea turtle on her first course, this is her project at the pre-grout stage. 

This is Dermott and Sheena, husband and wife team who came on a two day mosaics course with Blue Sky Mosaics. Neither of them had done mosaics before and they were amazing students, they did amazingly well. They had a great time and here's what Sheena said about her class:

"Had a great couple of days with Ann and Will, excellent hosts and turors."

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Carrie's Bee Table Top.

This is Carrie with her 'Bee' Table Top made on a course with Blue Sky Mosaics. 

Pictured is Claire with her Mosaic Wall Art created on a two day course. This was Claire's first attempt at Mosaic and she is hooked! She loved the course and definitely 'found her bliss' in Mosaics.

Below is Alison who came on a two-day course and this was her first attempt at Mosaics. Here's what she said about the course: 

"Had so much fun in a relaxed and happy atmosphere - I want to come back! And the food was lovely! "

Alison came on a two day course and this was what she said about the course: "Had so much fun in a relaxed and happy atmosphere - I want to come back! And the food was lovely! " Alison with her dragonfly mosaic
Dragonfly Mosaic created by Alison on a two day course

Two day class in progress. Elaine and Becca did two very different projects but were equally pleased with their results.

Elaine with her finished Mosaic. Her comments on the course: A brilliant course in a beautiful setting, inspirational and healing. Well explained and demonstrated. Outstanding tutor, patient and helpful and I am very pleased with the end result. Highly recommend.

Elaine's comments on her course: 'Beautiful setting, inspirational and healing. Excellent course, well explained and demonstrated. Outstanding tutor, patient and helpful. Very pleased with result.' Elaine with her completed Mosaic
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