Check out the link below to read about Lorna's two day course at Blue Sky Mosaics........... Lorna is an amazing talent and she came on a two day course here. Search her blog for her 'Bits and Pieces' account of her course with pictures.

I've had a week now to reflect on my visit to Perth Festival of Yarn 2018 and I still haven't stopped smiling when I think about it!  I was so excited to be attending my first event as a blogger, then someone said to me - what does that actually mean? Well, this is my personal blog so it offers my personal perspective on the event.  I really want to convey in words and pictures the warm atmosphere at this yarn festival - and I mean in terms of friendliness, not just the rosy glow of my cheeks!  My blogger badge gave me the confidence to approach vendors in the market place, as well as fellow festival goers, and have a chat about yarn, knitting and knitwear amongst other things.  Some people I met are old friends, some I know through Instagram and some I'd never met before, but everyone took time to stand with me and smile.  I'm grateful to my festival buddy, Caroline, for taking all these pictures of me! The event venue at Perth contributes to its success and these views over the market place at The Dewars Centre show over 70 vendors accommodated here.  There's plenty of shoppers, yet lots of space to move around freely and ample seating too - see the orange chairs in the right hand photo? The stalls were a riot of colour... (Featuring Wee County Yarns, The Loveliest Yarn Company, The Fabulous Mr G, Rusty Ferret, Airedale Yarns, Lammermuir Wool, Cookston Crafts, Phileas Yarns, Big Cat Textiles to name but a few) ... with oases of calm neutrals and pastels... (New Leaf Yarns and The Border Mill) ...punctuated by humour! An Caitin Beag In the podcast lounge, which overlooked the market place, I met some of the people I regularly listen to whilst I'm crafting at home.  I look a bit unsure that my self-timer photo is going to work - but it did!  Can you spot that Julie's top and my shawl are knitted out of the same yarn? Spotting fabulous handknits is easy at festivals and I took full advantage of chatting to some of the enthusiastic knitters.  Pictured are : Helen's own design cardigan in Birlinn yarn, Wee County Yarns cowl using their mini balls, Lynn's neon striped Go-To Raglan, Silvie's stall sample socks, the yoke of Trish's Lush Cardigan,  a gorgeous shawl all the way from London and Rosie's Exploration Station. Whilst having a breather in the seating area, I spoke to those around me who were also relaxing mid-shop and asked for a peek in their shopping bags.  Claire, Liz, Hilary and Eveann all shared their purchases and we talked about possible patterns and future knitting projects for these gorgeous skeins. And what of my own shopping bag?  Well, the one I made specially for the festival (and blogged about here) did its job and held all the lovely things I bought.  I'm already looking forward to new cast-ons, more needle felting, embroidery and crochet too. The last word on my day out must be to thank Eva, Festival Director, and her team at Perth Festival of Yarn for creating a marvellous event - and inviting me to come to Perth to write about it here. And I'm still smiling!  See you at PFY19!!

Here you will find a range of our beautiful hand made mosaics. All our pieces are made onsite at our local studio where you can visit us and even take part in a class. The process of creating your own mosiac is very thereputic and will give you new skills whilst you enjoy good company in a beautiful setting.


We use the highest quality stained glass, and have an extensive stock of crockery to create pique assiette pieces. If you'd like to know more about any of our work or classes then please feel free to contact us.


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Mosaics start from £35 however comissions can be negotiated depending on time and materials to suit your needs.

Products for sale can be paid by cheque or Bank Transfer.. Please contact me for more details. Price of larger items are negotiable. 


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