Check out the link below to read about Lorna's two day course at Blue Sky Mosaics........... Lorna is an amazing talent and she came on a two day course here. Search her blog for her 'Bits and Pieces' account of her course with pictures.

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It's just not worth making a garment for someone who hasn't asked for it.  It might not fit  It might not fit with the recipient's aesthetic.  It might spend its life in a cupboard.  It might be donated to charity :( This is heartache for knitters.  Sweaters take time to make, weeks and months - perhaps years for even the dedicated knitter.  As a self confessed butterfly crafter, I'm often drawn away from the project at hand by the new-and-shiny.  Let's not talk about that knitting kit I was given in the 1980's... Of late, though, I've been knitting garments again for myself (though find it hard not to strike a ridiculous pose in a selfie). It's still a bit of a leap for me to contemplate knitting a jumper for someone else.   Last Christmas, my daughter, Maddy, gave me a copy of Pom Pom Quarterly.  Pom Pom is a beautifully curated collection of knitting and crochet patterns with articles for contemporary crafters which is produced in London four times a year by a vibrant young team.  I knew the modern designs appealed to London fashion student Maddy.  She especially liked the cover sweater on Pom Pom Magazine Issue 22, a pattern entitled Diesis by designer Alice Caetano.  (Incidentally, a diesis in printing terms is a double dagger symbol like this ‡ ) (And let's just take a moment to appreciate the cover model - nuff said.) Anyway, I've learned from the experience which comes with my own grey hair, that knitting something for someone else as a surprise may not work out as I'd hoped.  With that in mind, I collaborated with Maddy over wool choice, size and fit.  The designer's clever webpage for the Diesis sweater allows you to imagine how your chosen colours will look.   Maddy had a clear vision of what she wanted. I bought several shades of pink and created a swatch so Maddy could see how they would look together with the red and cream she liked.  The yarn we chose is Drops Karisma as it is 100% wool, comes in over 40 shades and is machine washable.   I began knitting at the end of May and tried to knit exclusively on this project once I'd started. One unexpected drawback of knitting a woolly jumper in late May, June and early July of this year was the beautiful spell of weather and my desire to knit outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I persevered despite the extra layer of warmth in my lap which I didn't really need! One day it was warm enough for me to take my cup of tea outside at 8 am and crack on with the cuff! Sometimes I had a bit of company from the hens (matchy matchy!) Diesis is knitted in the round from the top down which meant there was only a tiny bit of sewing up once the actual knitting was finished.  Then all that remained was to sew in all the ends. Having a deadline was really great at keeping me focused and motivated - I finished sewing in the last end at 8 minutes to midnight on the eve of Maddy's birthday!  Happy 20th birthday, gorgeous girl, and may you enjoy many years of wear! More details of this knit are on my Ravelry project page

Here you will find a range of our beautiful hand made mosaics. All our pieces are made onsite at our local studio where you can visit us and even take part in a class. The process of creating your own mosiac is very thereputic and will give you new skills whilst you enjoy good company in a beautiful setting.


We use the highest quality stained glass, and have an extensive stock of crockery to create pique assiette pieces. If you'd like to know more about any of our work or classes then please feel free to contact us.


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Our Mosaics

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Mosaics start from £35 however comissions can be negotiated depending on time and materials to suit your needs.

Products for sale can be paid by cheque or Bank Transfer.. Please contact me for more details. Price of larger items are negotiable. 


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